Army Navy Burger + Burrito – Alabang Branch

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A lot of you have probably eaten at this place by now, in particular, the Tagaytay Branch near Starbucks. But being a die-hard Antonio’s and Buon Giorno fan, I rarely find space in my stomach to try anything new in Tagaytay. So it was great to see a new Army-Navy branch open at the New Commerce Center along Commerce Ave. in Alabang. Everytime I would pass by it though (it’s along a very important main road) it would be full to the brim. 

That’s a FANTASTIC sign in my opinion! 

Today, as I was pondering where to have our late lunch, J suggested we try it now, which I thought was a great idea! We headed over to the Commerce Center and parked in the super tight parking underneath (I can’t imagine parking there on a packed night). Though not a peak hour (about 2PM) the place was loosely full (and by that I mean each table was taken but not full). 

Eagerly J ordered the Bully Boy Burger (P235), which is a  Triple Quarter-pound beef  buger (and described to be “Made Big to Beef Up a Batallion.” 

Oh my, J. 

I reminded him that I would NOT drive him to Asian Hospital if he had a mini-stroke eating this burger, as I would like to leasurely enjoy my meal. Sorry. 

I ordered something that was not on the flyer (and the menu, I think), but was advertised on a poster by the menu. It was called “the Starving Sailor” (which I was, seriously, by 2PM) – (P225). It was made of thin strips of beef, cheese, jalapeno, onions, and looked a little bit like a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Yumyumyum. I ordered their Libertea (P45, Large)to go with it (I’m a huge huge fan of Iced Teas). 

While waiting for our sandwiches, I peered into their kitchen. It was very clean and full of expensive, expensive equipment. I think I failed to mention that it was adjacent to Yellow Cab (I think they’re linked), which is also known for their expensive kitchen equipment. Impressive. The store interiors itself was very clever, with cement blocks and other army and navy paraphernalia worked into the ceiling and walls. 

After a 5-minute wait, our orders arrived, and we were not dissappointed with the size of these babies. My oh my. Check these pics out. 

Starving Sailor with Libertea

the Bully Boy Burger

My sandwich was Huge, like, a good 8 or 9 inches I think. Yeaaah I like em Big. When I had my first bite though, I was a little disappointed, but really just a little. I think I was looking for a stronger jalapeno taste. The sandwich itself was really great, and the meat was very soft! But ultimately I was looking for that “kick” which I didn’t really get, I had to add mustard to find it. But you know, it’s really different tastes for different people, and I know I tend to lean towards stronger and more extreme tastes. 


 Pic taken from Official Website. 

Their Libertea was refreshingly good too. I’m a harsh critic of Iced Tea, and refuse to eat in restos with sucky iced teas (yeah I’m crazy like that), but Libertea was okay. Not super, actually not super tasteful and could use more ice, but pretty good (and pretty cheap too). Not too sweet, that’s for sure! 

I also tasted J’s Burger, it was smoky good! Good bun, well cooked patties (yes all three of them!) In my disbelief, he polished the whole thing off then ordered a Chocolate Milkshake (P99). Nabitin pa? I tasted the Milkshake too (yes I taste everything he orders, I know that’s what you’re thinking) and THAT was really good. Small though, 12 oz. cup only for P99, but I know Milkshakes have really expensive ingredients so it’s forgiveable.


Pic taken from Official Website.

I would love to try other things next time (I’m definitely coming back for more). Steak burritos (P155), Fearless Fried Chicken (P135) and Chicken Quesadilla (P135) look promising. Nomnomnom. 


Right in all aspects. See you soon Army Navy! Probably tomorrow.

ARMY NAVY Burrito + Burger

Bridgestone Building, Commerce Avenue

Alabang, Muntinlupa City



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